Transformational experiences with lasting impact


What is Transformathon?

Transformathon is an initiative supported by like-minded people who are on a mission to inspire and raise the bar on innovation for a sustainable future and bring effective solutions to the market as quickly as possible.

Transformathon holds a series of events, focused on energy, sustainability, and innovation themes. We bring together a large international network of ambitious professionals, business delegates, and students from various disciplines who recognize that urgent climate action is required and are driven to make change happen!

Transformathon's Innovation Challenge

Over a weekend, participants will form small multidisciplinary teams and be guided by expert mentors and trainers from the industry. Everyone will work together under one combined online platform to challenge and address some of the energy industry’s toughest questions.

As our journey begins to accelerate innovation for a sustainable future, Transformathon is excited to present the first episode;