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Natasja Vermaas

Get In Motion

www.getinmotion.nl Info@getinmotion.nl

Professional Profile: Natasja Vermaas is the owner of Get In Motion and she wants to bring not only your body but also your lifestyle in motion.

Before she started her business she worked as a professional trainer, coach and manager in the health and  fitness industry in the Netherlands (Zuid-Holland).  From there, she then started to work as a in-company lifestyle instructor and manager. She taught groups and individuals in company’s and ministries in the Randstad region in the Netherlands; such as Shell, VROM, VWS, SZW and the Provinciehuis.

Up until 2010, Natasja also worked as a part-time examiner and educator of the Aerobic Federation of the Netherlands and the CIOS institute in the Netherlands.  Because she wanted to contribute more to clients as a coach she started her own initiative. A lot of fitness companies do not have the possibilities, money or mission to effectively teach there students sustainable empowerment and improvement of their lifestyle.  Groups are often to large to receive the right level of personal feedback. On the other hand a personal trainer or Pilates studio could be to expensive for a lot of people. Time is money for many studios and experienced senior instructors often leave soon.  Not every company has a large budget for vitality  but they still want there staff to feel vital and healthy.

Since 2006 Natasja started organizing exclusive and original personalized activities at location or live online. With only the use of your body, mind, motivation and inspiration she empowers you to take control of your health. With a background in social work her mission is to offer affordable activities but with high standards  for individuals, groups or companies so every-body can feel healthier. Step by step with little or no expensive equipment, tools or facility needed you can reach sustainable fitness goals. Easier for you and better for the environment.

During Transformathon her mission is to inspire you to get from your desk at least once for a couple of minutes and move along with the special Work-break-out video made for this event. Keep moving everyone.

Jess Crossan

Jess' Fab Food

Culinary Nutrition Expert DIRECTOR, Independent Consultant & Ambassador with Epicure
Everyday Recipes. Simple Ingredients. Love in Every Bite. Jess Crossan Jess' Fab Food - www.jesscrossan.com

Professional Profile: “Hi! I’m Jess! I’m a wife, foodie and mum to 4 little girls. I love food, I enjoy cooking and there isn’t a taco I’ve met that I didn’t like 😆

In December 2019 I completed a certification in Culinary Nutrition and I love teaching Everyday cooking – simple ingredients and simple recipes are my secret to success when it comes to cooking every day. So I’m here to help you find all sorts of new ways to make food awesome! Whether it’s new weeknight recipes for your busiest nights, easy ways to save on your grocery bill by meal planning so you only buy what you need or adding some new flavours to your weekly routine I can help!

Food is my love language and I’ve spent the last 5 years happily sharing Epicure with everyone I know! It makes every day scratch cooking simple, delicious and possible for everyone! You don’t have to be a MasterChef to cook every day and you don’t have to spend $$ or hours in the kitchen! Let me help you save time, save money, find new recipes and simple solutions to create great food that tastes good and is good for you!”

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